Wayne has delivered on his promise to make Miramar a nationally recognized city that we all can be proud of.

In 2015, when first elected, Miramar was a growing city without an identity but full of potential. Wayne Promised to improve our economy, upgrade our parks, creating high paying job, more quality dining options and to make Miramar a cultural and entertainment destination. In addition, the Eastside of Miramar has received over $180 Million in beautification, canal stabilization, a new water treatment plant and flood prevention improvements. Today in 2023, Miramar is now an “All-America & Smart50 City” that is ranked best in the nation for the economic well-being of African Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Wayne is running for re-election and has already begun laying the foundation to ensure our city is positioned for success for decades to come. Wayne has kept his promises and has represented us with Vision, Integrity, Class and Innovation. With your vote, there is even more we can achieve together.



Most people didn't believe that a son of a migrant Jamaican sugarcane cutter from a small rural town off the shores of Lake Okeechobee, South Bay, Florida, would grow up to be a star National Championship Wide Receiver for Florida State University or a successful environmentally conscience general contractor leading one of Florida's leading minority owned construction management firms. And many did not believe that same kid would defeat the odds and become the mayor of Florida's 13th largest city but in 2015, we proved that when we combine Vision with the Desires of an engaged community, that anything is possible.

Wayne M. Messam is running for re-election as Mayor of Miramar because we have accomplished so much as a city and he knows there is even more we can achieve together. When we are done, the foundation for Miramar's continued prosperity will be set for decades to come.



Due to new legislation in 2022 all prior Vote By Mail requests have expired. Vote By Mail voters will not automatically receive their Absentee Ballot. You must resubmit a new request to Vote By Mail for Wayne in the upcoming March Miramar Election and the 2024 General Election. Click here to make your secure request directly at the Broward Supervisor of Elections Website.